Sunday, March 16, 2008


I have spent the last 2 and a half days at the India Today Conclave in Delhi. It was a superb event with lots of very interesting speakers. Unfortunately this conference not been covered widely in our media, because media groups do not allow coverage of each other's events. Its really petty when you think that the news media in India covers such inane news most of the time, and yet couldn't (or didn't) cover excellent speeches by a glittering array of speakers. So much so that just now when I searched for "India Today Conclave" on Google, it didn't show up any results! Of course, the India Today group does have very extensive coverage of the event - you can read the reports, watch the videos and look at the pictures by clicking here.

So in my own small way, I shall now fill the breach and tell the two and a half people who read my blog, all about the conclave. Or at least, the bits that impressed me the most.

Space tourism is here. We got to see a model of the plane that will launch the space vehicle, a model of the space vehicle, a video of the first test flight and an animation video of what it will be like when the space vehicle goes up with passengers. All this was presented to us by Stephen Attenborough, commercial director, Virgin Galactic. The most amazing bits about the space travel are the two breakthrough innovations that are going to make space travel cheaper and safer at the same time. One is the idea of launching the "rocket" from the air rather than the ground. It requires less energy and is safer because if something goes wrong, the rocket can simply glide down to earth. The second idea is to have rotating wings that turn to slow down the vehicle's re-entry into the atmosphere and ensures that it is not as stressful an event as it has been for the space shuttles. Difficult to explain in a few words, but you might like to go to
Virgin Galactic's site and watch the flash videos about the technology.

Sunil Mittal and Wim Elfrink, Chief Global Officer of Cisco, made excellent presentations on the future of communications. Not just about what technology is going to do, but how it will affect human beings. Sunil spoke about empowerment of people the mobile phone will be the identity card and the credit card for the poor. He also made a fervent appeal to not have any more regulators for his industry. Mr. Elfrink showed us the benefits of "Tele-presence" and how that would change the way we live and work.

Now that I have revealed my fascination for technology by opening this piece with the most techy bits, let me move on to the other people were fascinating.

Narendra Modi, Vikram Akula, Yasin Malik and Peter Roebuck were the speakers who made the biggest impression on me. That is saying something since the other speakers included Bill Clinton, Al Gore, L K Advani, Chidambaram, Mukesh Ambani, Adam Gilchrist, Amir Khan, Preity Zinta, Sachin Pilot, Farookh Abdullah, Digvijay Singh, Bishen Bedi, Ashok Amritraj and Craig Venter.

I must also mention in this context that some of the moderators were brilliant too. Aron Purie, Anand Mahindra, Shekhar Kapur and Prabhu Chawla excelled in this role. I have never seen such high quality moderation at any panel discussion before.

Narendra Modi & Yasin Malik (the Kashmir Liberation Front leader who is fighting for an independent Kashmir) were the two anti-heroes who came to the conclave. I think everyone was very curious about these two people and we were not disappointed. They both put forward their views in a very forceful and convincing manner. After the session where Mr Modi spoke, I asked many people who they would vote for between him, Digvijay Singh and Farooq Abdullah. Mr Modi was the clear people's choice.

I didn't dare do a similar exercise after Yasin Malik's speech. I did put my foot in my mouth by saying that I was impressed by him to a person who, I later discovered, was a Kashmiri Pandit. This gentleman was already seething and he just let me have it. He called Malik a murderer, a rapist and a terrorist and criticized the India Today people for having him at the conclave. He was not alone. A few people were demonstrating outside the hotel and one person actually entered the hall and shouted to have the event stopped. He was escorted out by the security people.

Mr. Al Gore’s speech was billed as the highlight of the conclave. The turnout for this absolutely amazing. Half the Indian cabinet (including Mr. Chidambaram) were present. All the speakers stayed on to listen to him – this included film stars like Preity Zinta and Amir Khan. All the industrialists came back from their meetings. (I even noticed Mr. & Mrs Adi Godrej, who seemed to have flown in from Bombay just for this.) The décor of the hall was changed to reflect the “green” look, and the who’s who of Delhi turned out in their most designer clothes.

In the end, the speech was a little disappointing. I guess it is tough to live up to such hype. Especially when you have just one theme to talk about and everyone has seen the movie where you said it all. Still, he did very well in the Q&A. I noticed that Mr. Aroon Purie only allowed the high and mighty to ask questions of Mr. Gore.

The conclave was exceptional in the wide range of topics that it covered. The theme was “Leadership in the 21st century”. Sessions were ear marked to study leadership issues in communication, ethics, spirituality, sports, entertainment, the environment etc. There was even a youth forum where speakers spoke on what they would do if they could change the world. This is where Vikram Akula, who is India’s answer to Mohammad Yunus, said he would like everyone of the top 20% of India’s population to spend one day living the life of the bottom 80%. He believes that will generate empathy and create the conditions for real change to take place.

Its tiring sitting in those uncomfortable chairs all day for two and a half days. One eats a lot and doesn’t exercise at all. But in this conference, the mind got good food and good exercise. Thank you India Today for that.


narendra shenoy said...

Wow! That was high level stuff. Al Gore is actually a very intelligent person to judge from his writings and interviews. America's loss - the world's loss, actually - that he had to lose to the monkey.

In my considered opinion, you must have been in the minority in that you were actually listening to what the speakers were saying. Most of the worthies, especially Mrs. Godrej who I know from personal experience is full of shit, would have come there just to be seen.

Next time YOU speak.

Anonymous said...

Simply said "Ignorance is Bliss". People not knowing who Yaseen Malik is and what all crimes he has been involved in, is truly shocking. And these are the people from the so-called educated class who seem to know everything. Osama Bin Laden is an excellent speaker, so IndiaToday should invite him next year as our role model! Shame on IndiaToday for portraying a killer Yaseen Malik as a role model for Indian youth!!! The fact remains that Yaseen Malik is a killer of many many innocent Indians including Lassa Koul, Director of Doordarshan Srinagar, four unarmed airforce personnel in Srinagar, involved kidnapping of the daughter of the Indian Home Minister, involved in hawala racket and most importantly is advocating separating Kashmir from India!! Even today he has at least TADA cases pending against him. How low is low for IndiaToday?????

Anonymous said...

Suman,I wonder how much you really know about Yasin Malik.I was a young boy then,when I first saw him.I am a Kashmiri Muslim Myself.
Though I stand for independent Kashmir but people like Malik or his ilk have doing so much of damage to the social and cultural fabric that is irrepariable.
He and Bitta Karate killed atleast 50 Pandits among themselves.
He raped Sarla Bhat before chopping her.
He should have fought security guys and not kill un-armed IAF oficers(even though they are our enemies).Islam forbids killing innocents.
He is an Indian Agent now.Even Pandits kow that.Why dont they demonstrate against omar or shabir shah,you should ask yourself.
So dont blame this Pandit guy,he has a valid reason for what he did.India Today is only promoting violence by inviting either him or Modi.
So it is better you do your ad-stuff(make sure your billings and bottomlines are OK)

Kamal Hak said...

You give an impression of the Kashmiri Pandit being sort of apologetic while describing the criminal back ground of a dreaded terrorist. It is really disgusting to know people like you actually get impressed by the constructed articulation of some one who has made their career out of rabid fundamentalism and terrorism. It is equally tragic to know the institutions like India Today eulogize the very people in public against whom they say different stories in print. It is shameful for the people to sit back and applaud the person who openly advocates disintegrataion of the country. You people have perfected the art of being politically correct, that is why you can't dare to stand up to a people like Mallik and tell them that before saying any thing else they must explain thier mis-deeds and their role in the exodus of three hundred and fifty thousand Kashmiri Pandits

Anonymous said...

Required field must not be blank

Lalit Ambardar said...



Mr.Suman Srivastava

Subject: 'India Today Conclave 2008'- a PR exercise for self admitting anti India pan Islamic

Terror Commander…media ethics ..??..

Dear Mr. Suman Srivastava,

As the private funding of political parties is expected to be formally legalised, the corporate sector will be playing an important role in shaping of the political future of India. Therefore, corporate heads will have to keep themselves well informed about the happenings in the country. Globalisation & economic interests should not be construed as dilution of national interests.

Indian Inc.appeared at its worst when Mr. Anand Mahindra in his capacity as the moderator at the India today Conclave '08 behaved like a megalomaniac as he ordered forced expulsion of the man who protested against the presence of the terrorist commander in the forum & sought intervention against lathicharge & detention of refugee Kashmiri Pandits demonstrating outside the venue. Equally appalling was the unsavoury laughter of the audience in response to the insensitive sarcasm of the moderator. It appeared as if India Today was 'pimping' terrorism & the civil society represented by the politicians, corporate heads, entertainment industry representatives etc. etc had suddenly become partners in it. Web proceedings of this episode showing Mr. Mahindra in action as well as the insensitive response of those present is making raves.

Do you remember how thoughtfully the audience behaved when during those exclusive DD days Ms. Shabana Azami protested at the National Film awards function against the gruesome murder of the theatre personality late Safdar Hashmi ? But here the 'elite' laughed it off - a laugh at the expanse of hapless Kashmiri Pandits…WHAT A SHAME… ….

For those who have suffered as well as those who have been following events in Kashmir with concern, it was distressing to see the supreme commander of the terrorist outfit JKLF, who along with his other radicalised foreign sponsored cohorts has brought Kashmir to the brink of absolute destruction, being hosted at the 'India Today Conclave 2008' . His claim of following a 'non violence path' is a farce & it is intended to only hoodwink the people as he continues to support openly all those terror groups that are active in Kashmir & are now spreading their tentacles fast in to the rest of India. Did he ever apologise for the crimes that continue to be committed by terrorists against humanity ? Did you ever hear him condemn in clear terms when ever there is a terror strike in Kashmir or outside? No , he wouldn't do that.

This event has been a big PR exercise for the anti India elements as the custodians of the constitution & other national youth icons & national/international celebrity speakers were brazenly shown sharing the limelight together with a pan Islamist terrorist who is fighting for secession of Kashmir from secular India on the ground of Kashmir being a Muslim majority province & has a number of criminal cases pending against him including the one in which he self admittedly killed in cold blood unarmed Indian Air Force officials doing shopping in Kashmir. Modified /morphed Conclave pamphlet is already being distributed by the JKLF as a propaganda material.

If only the media /civil society had taken due cognisance of the X-mas eve suicide bombing in 2000 in Srinagar by the Birmingham born Mohd. Bilal, possibly 9/11, London metro bombing, Madrid train bombing & many many more gruesome attacks in India & elsewhere could have been averted.

Please go through the following 'open letter' that was addressed to the Editor- in- Chief of India Today Group. It could help you review your unconditional admiration for a terrorist.

Warm regards

Lalit Ambardar

An open letter ……………….



The Chairman & Editor-in-Chief

India Today Group

New Delhi

Subject: 'India Today Conclave 2008'

Dear Mr. Aroon Purie,

Permit me to quote you Sir, ...."What India needs is political vision and a leadership that has nothing at stake except India"……... You said that - beautiful words indeed. And "Leadership For The 21st Century" the subject of 'India Today Conclave 2008' is an equally great thought. In a civilised society dialogue & exchange of ideas must be encouraged. This could help in resolving various issues & conflicts plaguing the world today, provided the participants exhibit integrity & sincere desire for solutions rather than unscrupulously use the occasion to score propaganda gains. And that such an impressive list of celebrity speakers has been put together for the forthcoming event only adds to the credibility of India Today Group(…I shall gradually come to my reservations… I continue this open letter.. .??..). Congratulations, any way!

Contrary to the general expectations the tensions have not eased even after the end of the cold war. The nations today, continue to be under threat. Even the economic globalisation has failed to ensure peace & harmony. In fact, it does appear that the second phase of cold war is already on now, what with the recent US prompted unilateral declaration of independence by Kosovo against the wishes of its own minority Serbs even in the wake of Russian threat to veto it. Encouraging religion based dissention & secessionism purportedly to correct the alleged & often misconstrued historical wrongs can open a 'Pandora box' of separatist movements world over. Motivated foreign intervention, use of terror as an instrument of foreign policy & sinister designs to balkanise nations on the basis of religion to score geo-strategic gains continue to be used unabashedly.

World community has its hands full with the issues like ensuring full statehood for Palestine, Iraq civil war, resurgence of Taliban, volatility in Pakistan as it is being now haunted by its own pan Islamic terror machine that it created & directed primarily against India. Pakistan is now widely recognized as an epicentre of world terrorism. It should also be of concern to all that deadly terror strikes are taking place there on daily basis causing heavy losses to the innocent citizens. It will be disastrous for the whole world if the nuclear arsenal was to fall in the hands of radicals in Pakistan.

In our own backyard pan Islamism inspired terrorism is now no more confined to the valley of Kashmir only. It is not at all difficult to trace the source of material& logistics support as well as of inspiration of most of the jihadi strikes like attack on Parliament of India,


Raghunath temple, Akshardam, & Diwali eve serial bombings in Delhi, Malegaon Eid eve bombing, Mumbai train blasts, Hyderabad mosque blast, IC841 Kandahar high jacking etc. etc. directly or indirectly via Kashmir to Pakistan & POK.

It was exactly two decades ago that secessionist violence raised its head in the valley when the Kalashnikov wielding zealots wearing symbolic shrouds over their combat uniforms & sporting religious verses laden headbands appeared in the streets of Srinagar (you could ask your colleagues to dig out from the archives, your own journals of that period, for details & pictures, for reference). The aboriginal minority Hindu Pandits were selectively targeted & killed in cold blood in broad day light in open in bazaars & in their homes. The loud speakers of mosques were blatantly used to raise provocative slogans against the beleaguered community. Sir, please allow me to quote here some of these slogans that most Kashmiris still recall with horror : "HUM KO KYA CHAHIYE" - "AZADI"- "AZADI KA MATLAB KYA- LA I LAHE ILLALAH" (what do we want- asides-what does asides mean- la ilahe illalah ; "ASEY GATCSE PAKISTAN"- "BATAV ROSC TA BATNEV SAN" (we want Pakistan – without Pandit men but along with the Pandit women); "E KAFIRO E ZALIMO, KASHMIR HAMARA CHOD DO" ( oh infidels oh tyrants ,leave our Kashmir alone). It is a pity that the civil society in general has chosen to ignore the ethnic cleansing of hapless Pandits at the hands of Kashmiri secessionists who across the board regard Kashmir as the unfinished task of the religion based partition of India. There are numerous stories of macabre killings of innocent unarmed Pandits- young & old, men & women – how the hapless community was hounded out of their ancestral valley. But these moved none…..???.... Yes Sir, this is what we went through & the 'world remained silent'. Having lost the roots, the community today is on the brink of extinction as a distinct ethnic group & it can now only look forward to anthropologists for their intervention in the face of total failure of media & of the so called liberal society to do so. Pandits are in the eighteenth year of their exile languishing as refugees in their own country & nobody seems to be actually bothered. It is ironic that while 9/11 that happened far away across the seas managed to shake us all, the pan Islamic terrorism in our own backyard that has been bleeding India for the past two decades does not evoke any appropriate response in this country. Instead we have allowed the perpetrators to acquire a political legitimacy & certainly media can not escape its responsibility. Under any civilized norms those who should be tried for crimes against humanity are seen hogging the lime light- often hopping from one TV studio to another the same evening satiating the ever hungry media with their venomous anti India bites.


Sir, it is in this context that I wish to convey my extreme anguish & reservations over your invite to Yassin Mallik, supreme commander of the terror outfit JKLF to address your 'Conclave 2008'. Sir, you have yourself been voicing concern over the growing menace of criminal –politician nexus. But here you are getting together a self proclaimed India baiter who does not recognise the constitution of India; who uses every forum to denigrate Indian security forces lawfully deployed to defend the innocent citizens & the integrity of the

country ; who continues to defend those groups that are engaged in terrorist violence & who has a number of criminal cases of serious nature pending against him including the one of having killed unarmed Indian Air force Officers in cold blood , face to face among others with the young parliamentarians- the custodians of the constitution. Isn't it ironic that this man who self admittedly went to Pakistan to get trained there & ferried back weapons & mercenaries to found the 'gun culture' in the valley, will be addressing your 'Conclave' on March15, 2008 in the Youth Forum on the topic "If I Could Change The World". Yes, indeed he has been instrumental in changing (…euphemism for 'defacing'- intended to hold your interest..Sir,… ) the social landscape of Kashmir which boasted of almost zero crime rate till Mallik & his other indoctrinated cohorts unleashed the terror war there in 1989-90. A lot of blood has flown down the Jehlum river( by the way our elders preferred to call the river by its original name -Vetasta or Veth) & today a local boy could be hired for just fifty Rupees to hurl a grenade in to a tourist bus to kill innocent tourists. The much acclaimed 'Kashmiriyat' which had managed to survive the repeated onslaughts by the plunderers & zealots from the north & north western borders for centuries, today stands ruptured, courtesy these modern day local marauders. Sir, the half burnt, vandalised, abandoned houses of Hindu Pandits along the banks of Jehlum tell you the story, if one would dare & care to venture in to the Srinagar down town. Did you know that most of the properties left behind by the fleeing Hindus have been usurped through manipulated or distress sales? Who cares..??...But you should. Shouldn't you Sir? If the trend is not arrested in Kashmir today, it could be fast spreading to other parts in India. After all what emerged initially as an 'idea' to a few scholars did materialize in to creation of Pakistan. That was probably for the first time in the contemporary world that a nation was created on the basis of religious exclusiveness. It is because of the callousness of the civil society in general & media in particular that the protagonists of the on going strife in Kashmir have been allowed to acquire a political legitimacy which coupled with the right dose of indoctrination is encouraging more & more docile young people into the clutches of Jihadis. Holy Scriptures continue to be quoted by these self styled leaders to justify death of misguided young men in the ongoing eighteen year old bloody turmoil in Kashmir, as 'martyrdom' against perceived & misconstrued wrongs. Isn't this an alarming trend, Sir? Shouldn’t the parochial pan Islamic agenda bother us all? Do the recent reports not suggest that terror outfits have established strong networks amongst the educated, deep in the South?


Isn't it a national shame that a young scholarly life was allowed to be wasted in faraway Glasgow airport suicide bombing? If only Indian media had taken due cognisance then of the X-mas eve suicide bombing in 2000 in Srinagar by the Birmingham born Mohd. Bilal, possibly 9/11, London metro bombing, Madrid train bombing & many many more gruesome attacks in India & elsewhere could have been averted.

Islam flourished in Kashmir. Kashmiris including the most dreaded hardcore secessionists have never complained of any religious, ethnic, linguistic or cultural discrimination or economic deprivation. In spite of the two decade old terrorist violence, Kashmir continues to be amongst the top per capita income states in the country. The secessionists' only grouse being simply against the accession of Muslim majority Kashmir to secular India - a typical Pan Islamic agenda. And terrorism is openly being used as an instrument to achieve the goal- however distant it may be. Even those like your celebrity speaker, who now claim to have given up arms purportedly to follow 'non violence' path, have themselves never even expressed any regrets for their crimes against humanity & they stubbornly refuse to issue calls to other terror groups to stop the violence. Yassin Mallik, not long ago out rightly refused to apologies for having introduced the 'Gun' in the valley when the veteran film maker Mahesh Bhat who is known for audacity & liberal views pleaded him to do so on India TV's popular 'Aapki Adalat' programme. Mallik continues to justify JKLF's terror past in every available forum, attributing to it the 'success' (this is how he sadistically describes today's shattered Kashmir) of having brought Kashmir issue to the forefront (You may have thought it was Gen Musharaf , the father of Kargil intervention, who only deserved that credit..??.. Wailing mothers & widows as well as orphaned children of thousands of misguided young Kashmiris are offered succour in the form of false & mischievous claims that the sacrifice of their loved ones will not go in vain. The gullible masses continue to be fed with the 'hope' every Friday after Friday congregations that the 'Azadi' was round the corner. It is not just hypocrisy- it is a well designed strategy to befool the world to keep the pot boiling to suit the vested interests of a few. And it is ultimately the docile average Kashmiri who continues to suffer. Your invitation to this rabid anti India JKLF commander to share the dais with the other luminaries will only be interpreted as victory of Jihad & terrorism. Glamorisation & glorification of terrorists can lead to many more joining the tribe, thereby prolonging the misery of Kashmiris who as is increasingly becoming evident are now getting fed up with the seemingly never ending conflict forced upon them .

Sir, I wish, besides your business managers (….of course it requires quite a bit of business acumen to sell even the 'beautiful words' & 'great thoughts' that too at a premium price of 75000 Rupees an entry with scores of added event sponsorships …wow...), you had also consulted your own Editorial Director. Who would know the 'double talk prone' Kashmiri


leaders better than the 'Seed Baat wale' veteran Prabhu Chawla? Also, even your Deepak Chourasia could have warned you too, as he very recently carried a breaking story for almost two days on your Aaj Tak channel on JKLF’s Bitta Karate, on his release from the prison. Your channel had brought out a chilling interview from the archives, wherein this terrorist had candidly admitted to your correspondent, scores of selective killings of innocent Pandits at the behest of his JKLF masters.

I am conscious of the fact that business interests may finally prevail upon the concept of 'beautiful words' & 'great thoughts' in spite of my pleas. I respect your right to conduct a legitimate commercial exercise & extend invites to any body you deem fit. But the profile of your star speaker posted for the purpose is mischievously misleading. It actually reads like a contestants resume for the Noble Prize. That is where the problem is .Let the world know the facts at least. Please let the other participants particularly those who are expected to confabulate with the JKLF boss know the credentials & true background of their 'star co participant' - how the man defends killing of unarmed Indian Air Force men who were shopping in Srinagar along with their women folk, one of whom later succumbed to her injuries, by describing them simply as 'enemy' …. , how the murder of retired old judge is justified as revenge etc. etc…

Sir, allow me to add in a serial order, to whatever I have mentioned already to counter some of the false claims in Yassin Malliks' profile that you have posted for public viewing:

i) His faction is a secular…. No not at all.

JKLF proudly claims responsibility for the gruesome assassination of Retired Justice Neelkanth Ganju – a Kashmiri Hindu Pandit on the plea that he had presided over the session's court which passed the verdict against Maqbool Bhat, one of the founders of JKLF. The Public Prosecutor, the witnesses were all Muslims – no one was touched. Similar cold blooded selective killing of hundreds of innocent Hindus that followed, as well as the motivated mob frenzy against the beleaguered community lead to their mass exodus in 1989-90. Mallik claims that the then Home Minister Mufti Mohammad's daughter was treated like a sister while in their captivity. No Hindu women were extended that dignity. Religious frenzy was deliberately created to create fear psychosis amongst minority Hindus. Bitta Karate in an interview to India Today group video news magazine admitted having killed scores of innocent Pandits on the instructions of JKLF bosses. It is no coincidence that this mass killer was accorded a rousing welcome by the secessionists on his release recently. India Today news channels covered it too. No Kashmiri secessionist group- moderate or hard core has any representation of non Muslims from any of the provinces of the J&K state nor is there any representation of Muslims from outside the valley. Even in the valley they hold sway over


only certain select pockets. It is the fear of gun that rules. Separatists across the board regard Kashmir as the unfinished agenda of the two nation theory based partition of India.

ii)... advocates a united Kashmir independent from both India and Pakistan….. It is only to hoodwink the west & the self proclaimed liberal mind set in India.

Contrary to their claims of the so called struggle against both India as well as Pakistan, the JKLF beginning with the brutal killing of Indian diplomat Ravinder Mahatre in UK in early eighties, has carried out terror attacks only against India. After Yassin Mallik's candid confession on camera during his officially sponsored bus ride to POK/Pakistan, it is no more a secret that JKLF & all other groups were indoctrinated, trained & armed by Pakistani establishment to wage the terror war against India. 'Gleaming faces' of the separatists coming out of Pakistan High commission in Delhi say that all.

iii)… . turned to a peaceful mode of protest…. JKLF.. renounced all violence ….

It is a farce-a strategy to influence the compulsive peaceniks in India. JKLF was forced to withdraw because of logistics. Their Pakistani masters due to strategic reasons stopped them supplies in favour of Hizbul Mujahidin. Many of their cadres either switched their loyalties to other groups or got killed in factional skirmishes. JKLF refuses to express regrets for the violence it unleashed. JKLF refuses to appeal to other operating groups to cease violence.

iv)… strong advocate for the right of return of Hindu Kashmiri Pandits……

Goebels lie- a strategy to share a common platform with both the peaceniks as well as the self styled liberals. If only it was so, the community would have been spared ethnic cleansing in the Kashmir valley. Let this be known that Hindu Pandits were targeted because one - they were Hindus & two - because they symbolised Indian presence in the valley. The fact that near total Hindu population of Kashmir today languishes in exile says it all. In any case Kashmiri Hindus have not given up their right to their land of their origin. It is a pity that the civil society has chosen to ignore the communities' political struggle & has left it for the very perpetrators who were responsible for hounding out the Hindu Pandits out of the valley, to advocate their return.

Permit me to conclude with your own beautiful words: "What India needs is political vision and a leadership that has nothing at stake except India”- but why leave it to only the political leaders – what about you & me – “there should be nothing at stake except India” for all of us.

I , obviously do not expect this letter to appear in your magazine. But it will be my endeavour to reach out to as many individuals, groups, media agencies as possible to stir the souls.

Warm regards

Lalit Ambardar

New Delhi.

Copies to : a) all the participants particularly - the young parliamentarians / the custodians of

the constitution Ms. Kanimozhi Karunanidhi & Mr. Sachin Pilot;


Ms. Preity Zinta - who would know the tragedy of Kashmir better

than Sofi of ‘Mission Kashmir’; corporate representatives Mr.Anand Mahindra,
Mr.Vikram Akula & Mr.Aditya Mittal – corporate sector cannot afford to

remain oblivious of the national interests

b) all the sponsors /partners of the event

c) to all those who must know the facts

PS : please click on the following links to know more :

i)BBC Hard talk

ii) Filmreview… ageUrl=/files/resources/zip/080127090031_Floating-lamp_Shadow_valley/index.html&MAG_ID=8

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