Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Rap your way to knowledge

Education is getting more fun all the time.  My son is in an IB school and I marvel at the teaching techniques that they use. So much more interesting than the rote method that people of my generation had to ingest.

Here is a rap video about the new CERN collider.  A lot of nonsensical stuff has appeared in the media about this, but the video talks about what they are really looking for.  It is probably over simplified, but it is still not easy.  But turning it into a rap song may help the scientists connect with a lot more people in the younger generation than scholarly articles.


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narendra shenoy said...

Enjoyed that! These subatomic particles do have funny names, though. Take Boson and Hadron. I can imagine the saucy male scientist telling the pert little female scientist that her Boson is giving him a Hadron.