Saturday, February 07, 2009

License to harrass

There are numerous road blocks in the city which slow down traffic and cause huge traffic jams, but which are not manned by any human beings! So why are they there?

The one I see most often is the one at the airport just as you come out of the Terminal 1A. 4 lanes of traffic has to slow down to squeeze through the road block one vehicle at a time. While the cops who are supposed to be checking the cars are presumably having tea somewhere.

Of course, everyone has often wondered what they are checking for anyway. But we'll talk about that another day. For now, I just wish that the cops would open up the roads at least when they are not on duty there.


workhard said...

This was the same situation some time ago in Hyderabad too. The roads were dug up almost in all prime areas, either for flyover construction, or to lay down pipes, or electric wires. And You could not spot a single traffic cop.

Haiku poetry

Alevoor Rajagopal said...

"License to harass"

As simple and true as that.